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what is NOT included!
FUEL IS NOT INCLUDED all vehicles are delivered with a full tank which will be charged separately. Cars should be returned as empty as possible at the end of the hire. This keeps car returns quick and easy. By not having to get the car checked in, we are also able to keep costs and therefore prices lower, and at the same time avoid any disputes over the size of refunds.

NEGLIGENCE Autos Javea S.L. will not be held responsible for damage costs to the rental vehicle caused by the negligence of the hirer. These will be passed on to the hirer. Similarly driving under the influence of drink / drugs etc invalidates the insurance cover for the vehicle, the responsibility for which then passes on to the driver.

DAMAGE TO WHEELS AND TYRES are the responsibility of the hirer.

KEYS are both time consuming and costly to replace. If you lose or damage the key you will be asked to pay EUR 100 to obtain a replacement, in addition to any excessive transport costs incurred in providing you with the new key. Please take good care of the key!

TRAFFIC FINES for speeding, illegal parking etc incurred during the rental are your responsibility. This includes parking fines incurred at the airport after drop off (e.g. for parking outside of a bay).

PARKING CHARGES incurred where on return to the airport, the ticket or keys are either lost or not returned to the correct place (the van) will be passed on at the full daily rate.

PERSONAL INSURANCE COVER Personal injury and loss is the responsibility of the client.

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